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Address: 706 Washington Blvd
Laurel MD, 20707

Expertise. Convenience. Reliability


Our Mission


At Nankee Auto Tune & Lube, we are focused on providing Automotive services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction – we will do everything we can to exceed your expectations.With a variety of services to choose from, we’re sure you’ll be happy working with us. We are a family owned business that's been around for 14 years now. We treat our customers the same way we treat each other; with respect, loyalty and honesty. Our underlining mission is to provide the most optimal Automotive Services to our customers while maintaining state-of-the-art technologies & equipment.


The Starting Lineup

Masters of Automotive Repair & Customer Satisfaction

Brandon Samuel

The Innovator
Brandon has a tick for innovation, he's constantly working on ways to improve the business and make the services easier for the customer & the technicians. Brandon really takes passion in the performance side, he has a few project cars of his own and really enjoys talking with customers about their cars and how they can improve performance & reliability. If you don't find him messing with cars, you'll find him behind a computer screen writing a program!

Nankee Samuel

Mrs. Nankee aka "Mom"
Mrs. Nankee is the heart of the business, after all the businesses are named after her! She is very calm and has a warm heart, most of our customers end up calling her "Mom" because she's just that awesome!

Rodney Samuel

"Mash" the Body Man
Rodney has been doing this work since he was 8 years old. With all that time dedicated to this practice he is like a "High Caliber Bullet" when it comes to his work. He is well known in the Laurel, MD area for his expertise in body work and painting. He has an itch for perfection which as a result leads to the best body and paint work in Laurel. Rodney can be reached at the body shop, he has many other services that can be offered at his shop from custom paint jobs to car stereo installation.

Our Story

We've loved every minute of our journey

An Idea is Born

In January 2016 Brandon Samuel had an idea for a mechanical shop, he wanted to join in on the family business and opened up Nankee Auto Tune & Lube. Being born into the car business just made it the perfect recipe for a successful shop and another addition to the Laurel, MD area.


Most important step when opening up a business is to have a strong plan in place. during this phase we looked at many different options and developed a variety of plans for the different types of services we were going to offer to our customers. In the end, we decided to offer the many services that are in our area of expertise. 


The first year of doing business is always the most difficult, especially when you open up in a location that's been abandoned for a while. We took the challenge and very much overcame each obstacle that was thrown our way. Our drive for delivering the best automotive repair services in laurel paved our way to success.


We are offering many more services than we did in year 2016! From alignments to performance. We are constantly striving to offer more services to our customers in the quickest, cost effective & reliable methods. We don't plan on stopping here, check in with us on here & on social media to find out what new services we are offering as well as deals that we may have!